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A Safe New Year's Eve

New Year’s Eve has become a night to celebrate by getting dressed up and drinking with friends. The holiday is made to look glamorous through advertisements and the media, which makes the job of a parent that much harder. Parents should talk with their teen before they begin planning their New Year’s Eve. Some important topics to include are…

· The legal drinking age is 21.

· True friends respect your choices. Don’t let anyone pressure you into drinking, using drugs, or doing anything else you don’t want.

· Don’t leave your beverage unattended. Bottles and cans are easier to keep secure than cups.

· Don’t post anything on your social media site you will regret.

· Follow your gut. If you feel uncomfortable in a situation, it may mean it’s wrong and you should leave.

· It is okay to call home if you need help. Having a safe word is an easy way to express that you need help in an uncomfortable situation, no questions asked.

It is also important to be a part of the planning process with your teen.

· If there is a party at someone’s house, ask for the address and phone number of the host parents. Contact them to make sure there will be no alcohol and that responsible adults will be present.

· Make sure your teen has a safe way to get home. Explain the importance of designated drivers. Offer to be the driver.

Raising a teenager is no easy task, but these tips are meant to help you keep the gray hairs at bay so the New Year starts off right. With all the chaos the holiday season may bring, it is important to remember to talk to your teenagers. There may be school dances, community events and parties for them to attend, but as the parent, make sure talking to your teen about their holiday plans is at the top of your to-do list.


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