Make Sure Your Teen/Tween is on your Gratitude List


In this month of Thankfulness, make sure your tweens and teens know that they are on your gratitude list. Use the phrases below to communicate your appreciation to the young people in your life.

· I’m really proud of you (give a specific example of reasons you are proud)

· You’re important to me

· I like who you are and who you’re growing to be

· I’m glad you’re in our family

· I love you no matter what

And while they may not say it, most kids want to have a good relationship with their parents, so as parents and trusted adults it is our job to open the doors for better communication and be ready to hear what they have to tell us. They may not fully add you to their gratitude list (yet) but here are the top 5 tips directly from teens that they wish their parents knew (as collected by Vanessa Van Petten, CNN columnist & author with Penguin Books).

Do not pretend you know everything about us. “My mom thinks I haven’t changed since I was 11. Just because I liked a certain TV show then, doesn’t mean I haven’t changed. I wish she would ask me about myself more instead of assuming she knows what I am like.” –Carey, 13

We do listen, even if we pretend we don’t. “I sometimes roll my eyes at my mom and pretend I am not listening. But I do hear what she says and I think about it later.” –Jeremiah, 15

If you treat us like kids, we will act like kids. "If my dad let me have some freedom, I could prove to him that I wouldn’t do anything stupid. But he won’t even give me the chance.” –Leslie, 14

Our friends matter – a lot. My friends are more important to me than my parents.” –Mariah, 12

We do come back. “Sometime around 19, I realized my parents weren’t so bad after all.” –Jackie, 23

Read more: http://www.care2.com/greenliving/5-things-every-teen-wants-their-parent-to-know.html#ixzz1YVvFLMhB


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