National Parent Leadership Month


February is designated as National Parent Leadership Month a time to recognize, honor and celebrate parents for their vital leadership roles in their homes and communities. This annual event acknowledges the strengths of parents as leaders and generates awareness about the important roles parents can play in shaping the lives of their families and communities.  The Communities that Care Youth Survey taken by Tompkins County High School Youth proves that parents DO make a difference in their children’s lives.  Students from throughout the County reported that they feel they are a valued part of their family and that they participate meaningfully in family responsibilities and activities, and that their families praise and encourage them. 

There are many things that parents and families can do to reduce the likelihood that their children will use drugs or become involved in other negative behaviors, have success in school and do their best work. 

·         Be clear and express your disapproval of using drugs and alcohol: according to our survey the children of parents who made it clear were less likely to use drugs or alcohol.  

·         Keep track of your child’s whereabouts, ask about homework, acknowledge a good job, and spend time having fun together: the children of parents who did this  liked school more, did their best work, and got A’s & B’s. 

Parents keep up the good work and remember even though you don’t think so your kids are listening, keep talking - you are making a difference in their lives!


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