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Five Positive Behaviors for Promoting Healthy Youth Development


To develop the “whole health” of youth and young adults, it is not enough to address health risks.  We must also make youth aware of the benefits associated with behaviors that enhance a healthy lifestyle.  Encourage the young people in your life to:
#1: Get Regular Physical Activity & Be Fit
Key behaviors include physical activity, sports, and physical or athletic skills development.  Sports and physical activities such as walking, running, swimming, throwing and kicking a ball, dancing, etc., can be fun and develop a self-image of physical and athletic competence as well as strengthen muscles and increase stamina.  At the same time, it is critical to avoid alcohol, tobacco and drug use that can interfere with desire, motivation, and ability to be active, learn and execute complicated physical skills, and experience success in athletics.
#2: Eat Mostly Nutritious Foods & Be Healthy  
Behaviors associated with healthy nutrition include eating a well-balanced breakfast to start out the day, and eating a diet consisting primarily of healthy foods, like getting five servings of fresh fruits and vegetables, and eating lean protein and whole grain foods daily. It also means avoiding too many fast, highly processed, and “junk” foods and beverages which have excessive sugar, fat, or calories. 

#3: Get Adequate Sleep & Be Energetic
Behaviors linked to getting adequate and sound sleep include practicing a relaxing bedtime ritual, going to bed the same time each day, turning off all electronics at bedtime, and getting at least eight hours of sleep each night.  Avoiding alcohol, tobacco and caffeine which can interfere with sound sleep is also critical to getting to sleep quickly and enjoying deep, rejuvenating sleep. 
#4: Practice Regular Relaxation & Be Calm
Practicing regular relaxation includes behaviors such as doing deep breathing or yoga, placing yourself in a quiet environment, listening to soothing music or sounds, and communicating regularly with supportive friends and family. It also means avoiding unnecessary stress such as fighting, arguing, and negative situations with friends, family, and others. 
#5: Practice Spiritual Habits & Be Positive
Practicing spiritual habits include praying, meditating, participating in religious services or activities, and reaching out to help others. 

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