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Tweeting with Your Teen

Chances are your teen has a page on Facebook, the social-networking website with a massive following among users ages 9 to 99. And, chances are, if you've heard of Facebook, you've probably also heard of Twitter, another player in the ever-expanding fray of social networking platforms, micro-blogs and the like. Perhaps you have a Twitter account. But does your child have one too? And as a parent, should you be concerned about Twitter in the hands of your child?

The short answer: There’s no reason to ban your child from Twitter, but it's important that both of you understand its ins and outs, its pros and cons and how to use it properly.

How is Twitter Different from Facebook?

Twitter is similar to Facebook in that users can broadcast their thoughts from the most inane to the most earth shattering for the world to see. But there are a few key differences from Facebook:

While 14 percent of America’s 30 million Twitter users are 17 or younger, the site is more popular among adults and has a more professional feel than Facebook. Still, Twitter is potentially a means through which personal information can fall into the hands of people who shouldn’t have it. The key – especially for kids and teens – is to be smart and to be careful. If your child is interested in exploring the world of "tweets" and "retweets"  it might be best for you and your child to set up the account together. The two of you can then decide together who the child will follow and who can follow back.

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