Benefits of Dog Ownership


While we often focus on the wellness of the human members of your family, it is also important to remember those pets that we love! June 26th is National Take Your Dog to Work Day…wouldn’t it be fun to be able to take your dog along with you to work, school, and shopping? Here are a few facts about the benefits of dog ownership from dogvacay.com and livescience.com.

So if you’re a dog owner, give your dog an extra pat or a super long walk for all the good things he/she does for you.  If your children are bugging you to get a dog consider the benefits and enjoy the experience; you and your children will never forget it! If you don’t think your home is ready for a pet, stop by SPCA of Tompkins County and offer to volunteer; that way you can all receive the benefits of having each other in your lives.

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