April 21-23 Are Global Youth Service Days!

“Global Youth Service Day is the largest service event in the world and the only one dedicated to the contributions that children and youth make 365 days of the year.”

This service event is spearheaded by Youth Service America, an organization that dedicates its time to the engagement of youth in meaningful service, learning, and leadership opportunities that result in youth leading community change. The service day results in hundreds of youth-lead projects and events happening world-wide during the 3-day time period. There are lots of ways for you and the youth in your life to get involved!

At http://www.gysd.org, youth can plan their own service projects or events by following 4 easy steps:

Pick Your Project: Select a cause that you’re passionate about, such as health, human rights, the environment, etc., and Youth Service America will provide you with service event ideas. They’ll also give you a list of organizations that are invested in that topic. Create your own project or combine your idea with an already existing partner project! You can also search for events happening in your area and join one of them.

Plan Your Project: Once youth have an idea of what they want to do, they are ready to start planning. Youth can take advantage of the many different interactive courses that Youth Service America provides in order to help them turn their idea into an actual event. Even better, the courses are available in multiple languages, including: English, Chinese, French, Arabic, etc.

Post Your Project: After planning an event, you can post it to the Youth Service America database. Here, the details about your event are shared with other users and your event is added to the Global Youth Service Dap Map, where it can be viewed worldwide!

Promote Your Project: Now that your event is posted you can promote it through the Youth Service America message boards. You could also share it with your local news sources or personal social media platforms!

There’s no project too big or too small! Help the youth in your life recognize their ability to advocate for the causes they feel passionate about.

For more ideas on ways youth in your life can make a difference in their community, follow Youth Service America on their social media platforms:  @youthserviceamerica   @YouthService

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