Sharing Love with Young People


Love. That word alone conjures up a myriad of emotions, memories, and hopes in our mind and in our heart. As a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle or someone beloved by a child, it is important the young people in your life know that they have your love. Here are five ways to show young people that you love them:

1. Unconditionally. Your son’s room is a complete mess. Your daughter refuses to eat anything but chicken nuggets for a month. Your granddaughter is disrespectful and your grandson just bit the dog! All of these things push you to the limits. Through it all, never let that child feel as if your love for them has limits. They may challenge you, but your love is unconditional. These are the moments you let the love shine the brightest. 

2. Time. Time slips away so fast, doesn’t it? One minute you are teaching your son to ride a bike. The next minute he’s backing down the driveway with his kids in his car. Were you there enough for all the time in between? A child needs that attention of caring adults, more than any other thing you can provide them. 

3. Tough Love. Don’t shy away from the crucial moments. The hard times. The big decisions. This is when your love is tested the most. A caring adult has to do the right thing to help share our young people and it is not always the popular thing.  The love you show now will be reflected back when they are adults. 

4. See them. We all have ideas of what we would like our kids to be. Chances are those ideas do not match the reality of who they are. Take the time to find out what really makes them the unique and amazing individuals whom you have helped to inspire.  

5. Believe in them. This is sometimes very hard to do. Adults often want to shelter and protect our young; however, this protection doesn’t always help them grow into the people that they will need to become. Young people need to learn how to be independent. Give them the skills, values, and expectations required for success, then let them fly. Believe in your child. 


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