Celebrate May Days

May gives us several opportunities to honor and recognize people who are important in the lives of children.  We’re all aware of Mothers’ Day, celebrated this year on May 14.  But do you know about these other special May days?

National Teacher Appreciation Day falls this year on May 9.  It’s a day to honor teachers and the lasting contributions they make in the lives of students and families.  More important than any gift is a sincere and simple “Thank You” to the special teachers that you know.  Also consider posting your thank you on social media at #ThankATeacher.

May 10 is National School Nurses Day.  School nurses are often the first place a student thinks to go when they don’t feel well or have been hurt. They also help those with a chronic condition participate fully in school, administer medication to students recovering from an ear infection, watch over student athletes, educate classroom teachers how to keep a child with food allergies safe, and provide a safe place for a child who needs it.  By doing so, they support successful education. Send a thank you to these important men and women who do so much to promote the health and wellness of children and educators.  Consider sharing your thoughts or pictures at #NationalSchoolNurseDay.

And last but not least, Child Care Provider Day falls this year on May 12.  This day gives recognition and appreciation to the millions of people involved with providing care to children of working families. Child care providers spend many hours with your child, teaching them educational, social, and behavioral skills. Use today to let your child care provider know how much they are appreciated. Give them a card, and a big thank you. Also consider a post at #ProviderAppreciationDay.   

Suggestions on how to show your appreciation for the teachers, nurses, and child care providers who support you and your child:

To all the mothers, teachers, school nurses, and child care providers out there:  THANK YOU for all that you do for our children. 

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