February is National Library Lovers' Month

February – first thing you think of is love, romance, and chocolate!! But did you also know February is National Library Lover’s Month!

When was the last time you visited the library? Do you have a library card? Do your child(ren) have their own library card? It’s never too late.

February is typically a dark, cold, and dreary month. Why not check out your local library and all the great activities and opportunities they offer during the month. Get yourself and child(ren) out of the house and have some fun, have a new adventure, make new friends, and enjoy.

Libraries are so much more than wood, stone and brick structures filled with books. They are a community hub, a gathering space, a safe place, a place of new experiences, adventures, research, and discovery.

Here are a few opportunities and activities offered at our local libraries.

So, shake off those winter doldrums and spend some time this month at your local library.







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