Designer Drugs – Not So Innocent

The term “Designer Drug” has been given to a new breed of drugs that are created (have an altered chemical structure) or marketed in order to get around existing drug laws.  The majority of these drugs are made from chemicals that are not illegal and therefore, the drugs themselves are not illegal yet either. 

These drugs have seemingly innocent names like Bubble, Spice and Blondie, but the fact is that these drugs are not innocent at all.  Their main forms mimic cocaine and methamphetamines or are a synthetic form of marijuana.  Their effects include hallucinations, paranoia, delusions, psychosis, and death.

A designer drug that is gaining popularity is called K2 or Spice.  This drug is synthetic marijuana and carries similar effects as marijuana.  Users smoke K2 or Spice the same way they would smoke marijuana.  The difference is that this drug has been shown to be much stronger than marijuana and the effects of using it are unpredictable.

Although most of these drugs are not yet illegal and are becoming increasingly easy to find, there are things that parents can do to protect their children and adolescents from trying these substances:


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