It’s not MY kid??

What we know from the countywide Youth Development Survey (given in Oct. 2010 to 4,788 Tompkins County students in grades 6-12) is:

·                     33% of 8th graders and 76% of 12th graders have tried alcohol

·                     the age of first alcohol use is 13 and first marijuana use is 13.9

Studies indicate that people who reach 21 without engaging in destructive behaviors are likely to never do so, which is why we passionately educate about current trends, warning signs and the long-term impact of destructive behaviors.  We believe proactive prevention on the part of kids, families and communities is the answer to long-term success.

Here’s some helpful information from Parents:TheAntiDrug:  Research shows that parents are the most important influence in a teen’s decisions about drug use.  You can and do make a difference.  The Community Coalition for Healthy Youth website ( includes a list of signs and symptoms of what to observe in your teen’s behavior.  If you suspect or know that your child is using drugs, take action now, because the longer you wait, the harder it will be to deal with your child’s drug use. 

What should you do and when?

Sit down and have a talk with your child.  Keep in mind that this talk is about you and what your concerns are -- your 'feelings' about the situation.  Be sure to have the conversation when all of you are calm and have plenty of time.  Be specific about the things you have observed that cause concern -- the 'facts' on the situation.  This isn’t an easy task!  Be prepared for your teen to deny using drugs. 


Let your child know…


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