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Celebrating Summer with Teens

There are many festivals, block parties, concerts, and celebrations during the summer.  Teens look forward to these events and some are considered a rite of passage for teens as they attend these events with friends and peers unsupervised by the adults in their lives.

These events are enjoyable and worthwhile experiences but they can also pose risks for teens that are curious and eager for new experiences. As parents, it is important to engage your teen in conversation around how they will make safe and healthy choices while at these summer events. Communicating with your teen about alcohol and drug use is especially important.

Things to consider:

Help to make your teen’s summer a safe and fun experience. Keep the communication lines open!

For more information regarding safety, rules around alcohol and underage drinking and other parent tips visit Community Coalition for Healthy Youth on the web at: http://www.healthyyouth.org/practical_tips.php#events  


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