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June, 2011 message



Make the most of times for talking with your kids


When planning to talk to your kids about drugs and alcohol it’s good to already have established a process of having exchanges with them.  If you can talk with them about lighter subjects it makes it lots easier to talk about more difficult ones.  For example, include them in discussions about family vacation time or household chores, letting them have a say about their preferences.  Ask about things they’re interested in.


Take advantage of teachable moments.  We live in a culture of celebrity. If a celebrity your child admires admits to a drinking problem or an instance of drug abuse occurs in your community, talk about it.  Answer questions.  Have this conversation often. 


Don’t just talk. Listen.  You can anticipate that your child’s first reaction when you raise the subject will be to be quiet.  So do your best to make it a 2-way conversation.  Ask what they think.  Ask if it’s a subject their friends talk about.  Ask what they think of celebrities who use drugs.  Keep asking questions.  And listen to the answers.


The more you can make statements that express your views and what you are looking to accomplish, the freer your child will be to respond.



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