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June: Say Something Nice Day

June 1 happens to be “Say Something Nice Day”, a holiday that we all can get behind. There’s no special parade or ceremony; it’s simply an acknowledgement that sometimes we can get caught up in our lives and forget to say thank you to those who make our lives better just by being a part of them. It’s also a day to apologize for words spoken in frustration, anger, or disappointment. In addition to making someone else feel good, when we do something kind for another person, we feel good, too.

Participating in “Say Something Nice Day” is as simple as it sounds. Everywhere you go, make an effort to say something nice to everyone you encounter. Compliment your server on her excellent service, tell your co-worker you appreciate her help or let the grocery store cashier know that he's got a great smile. If you keep the spirit of “Say Something Nice Day” alive all year long, you will likely notice a positive change in how others treat you.

Take advantage of “Say Something Nice Day” to let your child know how you feel about him or her. Just because you think it does not mean your child automatically knows it or doesn’t need to hear it.

Have you said these eight things to your child recently?

· I love you

· I am proud of you

· I support you in the things you want to do in your life

· I believe in you

· I am sorry

· You're a good person

· I accept you

· You are important and special


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