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February:  Tips for Watching the Super Bowl with Your Kids

The NFL Super Bowl is on February 3rd.  Many families have traditions of gathering around the television together to watch the biggest football game of the year.   Other than the excitement of the game itself, people often look forward to the debut of many new and creative commercials, including those for alcohol.  Did you know that 18% of the Super Bowl’s total viewing audience will be youth under 21?  This means that children and youth will be exposed to many alcohol ads while tuned in to watch the game.  Research clearly indicates that, in addition to parents and peers, alcohol advertising and marketing have a significant impact on youth’s decisions around using alcohol. 

The fact that the commercials are during an athletic event, and may even star former or current athletes, can provide the perfect opportunity for you to share with your child some facts about alcohol and athletic performance. 

For an athlete one night of drinking can:

·         Decrease athletic performance by 15-30%

·         Decrease explosive power by 11%

·         Decrease acceleration endurance and agility  by 8%

·         Increase injuries by 100%

·         Wipe out 2 weeks of training

To help foster the discussion ask your child questions about the commercials such as:

·         What did you think of that ad?

·         Who do you think they want to buy the product?

·         Are they telling you all the facts?

·         Do you think the ad is truthful?

For more information you can go to the Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth website at: www.camy.org 


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