“Can I see your ID, please?”

Penalties for persons under 21 The penalties for purchasing alcohol by persons under 21, using false identification, is a maximum of $100 and/or 30 hours of community service. In addition, if the youth's NY State driver's license is used in an attempt to buy, the court can suspend the driver's license for 3 months. If the person doesn't yet have a license, he or she will be disqualified from applying for 3 months.

Laws and penalties for stores or bars The law requires that all places that sell alcohol ensure the buyer is at least 21 years old, and buyers of tobacco products are at least 18 years old.

Citizens in Tompkins County can call the New York State Police, 347-4440, who do routine checking in Tompkins County, or your local municipal police to make a complaint. You may also call the Buffalo office of the NY State Liquor Authority to report a store, bar or other retail establishment that you believe is selling alcohol to minors. Enforcement Office: 716-847-3041.

You don't have to have proof, for example, you might only suspect that young people are using fake IDs without careful inspection. Please give the exact information, the accurate name and address of the store and what you have seen. Be prepared to give date and time of day if possible.

Complaints will receive attention. The store might be checked by the local police in a secret customer sting operation. A typical sanction for a proven first offense is fines, one for the individual clerk who provided the alcohol to the minor, and another one for the business. Repeated violations can lead to temporary suspension of the business's license to sell alcohol. Eventually, stores can lose their license.

NY State police State and Bar Compliance Report:

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