Monthly Messages


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April:  April is National Volunteer Month

March:  Tips for Parents of Teens Who May Be Experiencing Depression

February:  February is National Library Lovers' Month

January:  January is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month


November:  Create Your Own List of Gratitude

October:  Get Kids Into the Kitchen

September:  Thinking of Parents at Back-to-School Time

August:  The Final Month of Summer

July:  Be A Caring Adult

June:  Suicide Awareness

May:  Celebrate May Days

April:  April 21-23 Are Global Youth Service Days

March:  Celebrate Youth Art Month

February:  Sharing Love with Young People

January:  How Tompkins Schools Promote Healthy, Bully-Free Environments


December:  Take a Break with Those You Love This December

November:  Don't Forget World Kindness Day

October:  Join the "Five to Drive" Campaign

September:  Eat a Better Breakfast Month

August:  Home Alone at the End of Summer

July:  Helping Young People Through Scary Times

June:  Benefits of Dog Ownership

May:  Take Steps to Reduce Your Child's Sexual Abuse Risk

March: What's Next

February: Supporting Healthy Teen Dating

January:  Do More in 2016!


December:  'Tis the Season

November:  National Homeless Youth Awareness Month

October:  Keeping Youth Engaged in Outdoor Play

September: Back to School and Obesity Awareness Month

August:  Final Days of Summer

June:  Supporting LGBT Youth

May:  Celebrations

April:  Celebrate Youth Sports Safety Month and Keep Kids Safe Year Round

March:  Tweeting with Your Teen

February:  Beat the Winter Blues  

January:  Sharing End of the Year Reflections with Young People


December:  Celebrations

November: Great American Smokeout

October: Prescription Abuse Awareness Month

September: Recovery Month

August: Five Positive Behaviors for Promoting Youth Development

July:  Talking With Your Teen About Festival Safety

June: Overcoming Stranger Danger

May:  May 18th-24th is National Prevention Week 2014!

April: Alcohol Awareness Month

March: Kick Butts!

February: National Parent Leadership Month

January: Start the Year off by Encouraging Appreciation for Other Cultures


December:  A Safe New Year's Eve

November: Make sure your teen/tween is on your gratitude list!

October: Be Part of the Solution

September:  September is Recovery Month

August: Exercise with your child

July: Celebrating Summer with Teens

June: Say Something Nice Day

May:  Spring: A Season of Celebrations

April: Help for Today, Hope for Tomorrow

March: Huffing, Sniffing, Dusting & Bagging

February: Tips for Watching the Super Bowl with Your Kids

January: National No Name-Calling Week


December: National Drunk & Drugged Driving Prevention Month

November: The Great American Smokeout

October: Take Time to Eat with Your Kids

September: Recovery Month

August: Helping Your Child Make a Successful Transition to College

July: Keeping Your Young Person Safe at GrassRoots

June: Parents Make the Difference

May: The Link between National Family Week and National Youth Traffic Safety Week

April: Power Talk 21 Day

March:  Inhalants

February: There’s More to the Super Bowl Than Just Football: Talking to Your Kids About Beer Ads

January: Supporting Student Athletes


December:  Holiday Parties

November:  Designer Drugs - Not So Innocent

October:  Communication Skills with (and for!) Teens & Tweens

September: Setting Clear Expectations Helps Teens Resist Peer Pressure

August:  Helping kids believe they can succeed

July:  Keeping summer festivals safe for kids

June:  Make the most of times for talking with your kids

May:  Safe celebrations

April:  Pharmaceutical safety

March:  It's not MY kid??

January:  10 Resolutions That Show Your Kids You Care


December:  Sober celebrations

November:  Giving thanks

October:  Pharmaceutical safety

September:  Transitioning back to school

August:  Enjoying End of Summer

July:  Summer Safety

May:  Prom Safety


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