What We Do

Survey Middle and High School Students — We collect information every 2 years about students' substance use, attitudes and activities. Since 1999, all the students in 6-12 grades in Ithaca City School District have been surveyed six times.  In fall, 2008, students in grades 6-12 from Dryden, Groton, Ithaca, Lansing and Trumansburg districts were surveyed.  In fall, 2010, students in all 6 school districts participated.

2005 Ithaca survey results, click here.

2007 Ithaca survey results, click here

2008 Tompkins survey results, click here.

2010 Tompkins survey results, click here.

Evidence-Based Youth and Family Programs and Services — We improve social skills, school climate and strengthen families by supporting proven programs and strategies

Positive Connections to Trusted Adults — We increase opportunities for youth to participate in healthy activities and build relationships with supportive adults through our collaboration with the Tompkins County Youth Services Department and other local agencies.

Change the Community Environment — We reduce under-age access to alcohol at home and in the community through a public awareness campaign. Presentations at school PTA meetings, regular articles in the newspaper, radio ads, public meetings, and e-communications, spread the word that underage drinking and substance use is a risky behavior that need not be tolerated.

Early Intervention — We offer consultation, screening and support for youth in need. Three of the Coalition members are agencies that provide intervention and treatment for teens: TST BOCES Youth Development, Alcohol and Drug Council, and Cayuga Addiction and Recovery Services (CARS).

To get information about these services, click here.

Strengthen Collaboration — We engage a wide range of members as Coalition partners to strengthen community norms against underage drinking and other drug use, and in favor of active parenting and positive youth development.