About the Community Coalition for Healthy Youth (CCHY)

CCHY: A Tompkins County Resource on Youth and Substance Abuse

We work together to reduce substance abuse and violence by building an alliance among schools, government, agencies, civic and faith-based organizations, and concerned individuals. Together, our Coalition strengthens a community commitment to keep alcohol and other drugs out of the hands of youth, and offers a wealth on information on how our young people can grow up healthy and strong.


See the current member organizations and their representatives who serve on our Board of Directors.

What We Do

We use a wide range of initiatives and activities to meet our goals, some in schools and others in the community.


Our Coalition originally coalesced over the death of a student from a heroin overdose. 

Community Needs Assessment

A look at our community to determine the current issues which drive our work and focus. 

Logic Models

Our needs assessment led us to work on these 3 substances.  

Alcohol     Marijuana     Pharmaceuticals

Getting Involved

If you share our goals, there are many ways can join in our effort.

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